It's official: Vote Lib Dem in South Cambs to beat the Conservatives

Tactical voting websites Best For Britain and Tactical2017 have confirmed that if you want to beat the Conservatives in South Cambs, you should support Susan van de Ven and the Liberal Democrats.



These independent websites have endorsed Susan as the best candidate to beat the Conservatives here in South Cambs. Whilst they have always enjoyed a majority, it has always been the Liberal Democrats who have provided any meaningful challenge to this seat, and in the mayoral elections and county elections we made a huge breakthrough in topping both polls, pulling ahead of the Conservatives (the first time this has ever been achieved here).

As Tactical2017 say on their website, they are endorsing Susan to line up with other sites and avoid splitting the vote.

As we know from the Mayoral results, when Green and Labour voters bolster the Liberal Democrat challenge, we can beat the Conservatives to first place.

As long-time champions of electoral reform we believe everyone should be able to vote with their heart and help avoid a result they don't want. So we are not going to tell you that you must support us.

But, if your priority is to defeat the Conservatives, then lend us your support.

Together we have a chance.


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